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Pro-Life Montanans


We are a group of medical professionals and like-minded Montanans that want the best for the health of all. We will stand for those that need a voice. From the disabled to the elderly to the voiceless in the womb, we want the best for all. 

Montana Tax Dollars are going to fund abortions.......

The below FAQ picture is taken from the website from All Families Health Clinic in Whitefish MT. As you can see abortion clinics are advertising your tax dollars will pay for abortions.

This is from All Families Health Clinic, Whitefish MT, website under Payments

Taxpayer Funded Abortions in Montana's Medicaid Expansion

In the Montana 2019 legislative session, HB 658 (Medicaid Expansion) was introduced and passed. Montana Medicaid Expansion does specifically state that pregnant women are not eligible. This gives the illusion that tax payer funded abortions are not part of the payments of MT Medicaid Expansion. HOWEVER, when a non-pregnant women enrolls in Med. Exp. and THEN becomes pregnant she is covered for “Family Planning Services” a.k.a Tax Payer Funded Abortions (HB 658 (2019), Section 32) 

So when a woman enrolls in Montana Medicaid Expansion, becomes pregnant, goes to an abortion clinic, Medicaid Expansion pays for it. 

HB 658 includes services as defined by federal code 42 U.S.C. 1396d(a) Which are: (1) inpatient services (generally defined), (3) labs and X-rays, (4) family planning services and counseling for cessation of tobacco for pregnant women; (5) physician's services (generally defined), (17) nurse-midwife services, and (28) free-standing birth centers. 

Pregnancy services are covered in the 2019 Medicaid Expansion bill. 


Susan B Anthony explains Tax Funded Abortions in Med. Exp.

“Medicaid Expansion – The Affordable Care Act incentivizes states to expand their Medicaid programs for the poor by raising the eligibility limits for lower-income residents based on family size and structure.

Slightly more than half of the states have chosen to expand their Medicaid rolls and roughly two thirds of these states pay for elective abortions for their Medicaid populations. As a result, millions of uninsured women in these states will become eligible for state tax-paid abortions as a result of Obamacare.

These state tax funds will be paid directly to providers filing claims and not merely to insurance companies providing the coverage.”

Montana, by a district court opinion, is one of only 16 states that pays for abortions outside rape, incest, and life of mother


The above figure 3 is from the Kisser Family Foundation article titled: "Coverage for Abortion Services in Medicaid, Marketplace Plans and Private Plans" 

As you can see Montana is one of the least restricted in our payment of abortions by Medicaid. We are grouped in with the states of Washington, California, Oregon, and New York. 

Expanding Montana's Medicaid program in 2019, expanded funding for abortions.

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